It all started with Simplicity 6520.  I made myself a pajama set in flannel, adjusting the pants pattern so there was enough ease to remove the zipper.  Sewists that work with vintage patterns will be familiar with the popularity of elastic waist pant patterns from the 70s with zippers in the back. :)  

After wearing them for a while I thought, damn, I'd like a pair of jeans like this, but with pockets of course. The elastic waist accommodated my changing waist (post 2 pregnancies) and I liked how they made my butt look. :)  These weren't your standard elastic waist pants, they were designed to have a zipper, with less fabric and ease in the waist and hips that gave a more streamlined look.  

Many patterning iterations and samples in different fabrics with and without a zipper, flat front, full elastic; I tried it all.  When the fit and construction were finalized it was time to think about the pockets.  I'm inspired by vintage garments in this case 1940's womens jeans like these.  Practical pockets that added visual interest and a nostalgic vibe.

The first pairs that I sold were made with wide legs like the originals, in a stiff natural canvas, they looked killer but the stiffness and light color made them a bit impractical.  Their first debut was at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn the summer of 2019.  I sold all five sizes to another designer at the show, (she was planning on giving them to friends she knew would love them and kept a pair herself)  a real boost for my confidence.

Next I tried denim, light and dark washes.  These were workhorses.  I got notes from customers and wholesale accounts that there was interest in a straight leg version.  So now I make both!  Straight leg Bridget's are available in dark and light blue denim and black denim this season.  And for the first time I've made wide leg Bridget's in linen.    

If you've got sizing questions reach out!  I've been wearing these almost daily for 3 years, they're that good.


bridget pants

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