Freedom of movement and an appreciation for beauty: Herself was established by Heather Stilin in 2019 to distill these two qualities together into a line of clothing. This collection of everyday basics transitions easily among the many places and spaces we are called to inhabit throughout the day and year. 


Our fabrics are natural fibers chosen with comfort, longevity and sustainability in mind.  Linen, cotton, silk and wool.  Our Linen is sourced primarily from Libeco in Belgium, where all linen is woven, inspected by the yard and mended by hand when necessary.  Denims are often Japanese or Amercian sourced from Pacific Blue Denim in Los Angeles. Cottons originate in Japan and India, both are known for their fine fabrics and printing techniques.  We use deadstock fabrics (small lots usually around 30 yards that are left over from other brands) when possible if they meet our standards, natural fibers and fine quality.


Development and Manufacturing

   The collection is developed in Portland, Maine with local partners we know and trust. A local patternmaker and home sewer allow hands on development of all new styles, from idea, to pattern,to sample, to final product.   We are grateful to have a small family owned factory 15 minutes away from the studio where shirts and dresses are made.  We also work with Sew Studio, a woman/veteran owned team, in San Antonio on denim, shirts and dresses.   Relationships are central to ethos of this brand.  Fair wages, kind and respectful communication, and showing appreciation for all partners in the process is fundamental.
Heather Stilin is a Midwestern native who has lived on both coasts and been influenced by the art and design of both.  Her focus is on simple shapes and color. The goal of Herself is to create clothes that are both beautiful and useful. Things you wear on repeat that are comfortable and have purpose.  Fewer better things allow space for more of what brings joy.