Ruth in goldenrod flannel and deep warm yellow.
Why flannel?  100% cotton flannel is a woven fabric that is napped (brushed) on either both or one side of the fabric.  This napping creates flannel's insulating properties, also softness and in turn comfort.
 Night and Day dress in Lilac flannel, a light purple.
Why Japanese flannel? I devoted a few years to experimenting with various fabrics, searching for a material that could match the durability and comfort of LL Bean chamois but with a more refined texture. These styles weren't suitable for use with thick fabrics. When I discovered this flannel, I was truly impressed by its durability, exquisite softness, and perfect weight and texture.
Fine and durable fabrics are the most sustainable choice because they last and wear well over time. 
Alice in Sandstone flannel, a warm off white color.


I continue to create limited batches of garments, all meticulously cut and sewn right here in Maine. This approach enables me to uphold ethical production practices and contribute to the well-being of my local economy.⚡️

These are shirts versatile essentials in any wardrobe, perfect for solo wear or endless layering possibilities. I love wearing them as a lightweight jacket over a cami or a t-shirt, or paired with overalls. 🔥

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