Lindsay Degen December 9th, 2023 at Herself Clothing Studio

Save the date!  Lindsay will be coming to the studio December 9th from 11-6.  She'll be bringing along her ready to wear knits!
In case you aren't familiar with her work...
Lindsay Degen is a knit wear designer known for her whimsical and playful knitwear designs. She founded her brand, DEGEN, in 2012, which quickly gained attention for its colorful, quirky, and handcrafted knit pieces. Degen's designs often incorporate bold patterns, unconventional textures, and innovative techniques, showcasing a unique approach to knitwear in the fashion industry.

Her creations have been featured in various fashion publications, and she has showcased her collections at prestigious events like New York Fashion Week. Lindsay Degen's work stands out for its creativity and imaginative use of knit materials to create distinct, eye-catching knits.


The Midsommar Muse December 16th at Herself Clothing Studio

Then next week on Saturday December 16th Kate Foster of the Midsommar Muse will be joining me at the studio.  She'll be bringing along her embroidered ornaments and being her lovely warm self. Need styling advice, Kate is so good at putting things together! 

I'll also have some vintage from our friend Rachel from Rune Water up the coast.