Inspired greatly by her beloved state of Maine and the beautiful chaos her two daughters bring - Rachel Gloria Adams is a textile designer and painter living in Portland, Maine. Her most recent project and business venture TACHEE utilizes imagery she developed through painting as textile print.

Photography by Natalia Provencher.

 Rachel Adams of Tachee stands in front of a desk wearing a cornflower Ondine dress from Herself Clothing.

Rachel is wearing the Ondine dress in Cornflower Blue.


Can you tell us about your background and how it shaped your current passions?

My mother is an artist and art teacher so I have always been surrounded by creative productivity.  she would frame African mud cloths and cover the house in Marimekko textiles. My mom also had a secondhand store that had an eclectic mix of clothing and jewelry. So because of those two things it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I would have a love for textiles, clothing and anything bright and colorful.


What is an epiphany you've had (big or small) in the last year?

I'm a much better parent when my phone is nowhere to be found. 

 Rachel Adams of Tachee stands in front of a panel of fabric with large butterflies wearing an indigo Audre dress by Herself Clothing.

Rachel is wearing the Audre dress in Indigo linen.


What is a current, random rabbit hole or fascination that's been holding your attention?

90 Day Fiance, quilts and home organizational systems.


Tell us about your routine at work and at home – what is a normal Monday like for you?

I was working a 9-5 job and decided to take the leap to pursue my career in the arts. Right now during the days my kids are in daycare.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are reserved for meetings, fulfilling TACHEE orders, design work and I am really looking forward to Mondays where I can let loose in the studio. 

 Rachel Adams is sitting at a desk drawing wearing a cornflower Ondine dress by Herself Clothing.

Why Tachee?

Tachee is a textile design company that offers small batch printed goods, design collaborations and digitally printed fabric, wallpaper + homegoods through spoonflower.  As a toddler and likely a little older, I thought my name was pronounced TACHEE. When I decided to start developing patterns and kids’ clothes, I felt like it was the right time to bring TACHEE back. Fun Fact: Rachel’s dad still calls her TACHEE. 

What do you love most about where you live? Describe your environment in colors, shapes, smells, hues: 

I’m in the midst of changing our home around a bit and incorporating more plants. We live in a townhouse and only have two walls of windows – I have been loosely researching biophilia and how to bring the outdoors inside. My goal is to have our home have a glimpse of that sensation of being outside surrounded by trees and lush grass - but like in a modern way. Generally speaking - Maine is such a special place, being driving distance to our coastline but also being able to explore trails both locally and beyond. I am not the most outdoorsy so having the balance of the food and beverage scene in Portland really make this the perfect place. 

 Rachel Adams of Tachee is standing at a desk looking at fabric samples, wearing the Audre tunic by Herself Clothing

Something that’s overrated

 Cilantro, I will never understand how it doesn’t taste like soap to everyone.


Something that’s underrated

 A fresh bouquet of flowers for no reason + the perfect sear on meat in a cast iron pan.



 Rachel is wearing the Maya dress in light indigo denim.


Rachel Adams of Tachee is holding a roll of fabric and wearing a denim tunic by Herself Clothing.


  • Ruth Bobzin said:

    Your success is well deserved and totally you!!Portland is a beautiful city and I remember it as a haven for artists of many different media when I visited there in the seventies, eighties, nineties. Congratulations!!

    October 07, 2023

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